Dolby Atmos®

Creative Sounds, the Hilversum based studio for audio postproduction and dubbing, obtained the first Benelux Home studio license for providing their services in Dolby Atmos®. With the opening of the brand new Dolby Atmos® facility in Hilversum we are not only leading in our industry, we offer our customers the opportunity to add this unique sound experience to their entertainment portfolio. Creative Sounds offers two Dolby Atmos® Home facilities: a studio and a living room. Dolby Atmos® is designed for professional and home cinemas and offers a 360-degree sound field for an unparalleled powerful entertainment experience. The surround format fits perfectly for home video, video on demand, games, documentaries, business presentations, commercials etc. The surround format is gaining popularity in home entertainment and gaming. By offering Dolby Atmos® Home you not only offer a technically advanced product, but also have a strong marketing tool in your hands. Are you interested to learn more about the opportunities of Dolby Atmos® Home? Let Creative Sounds show you what Dolby Atmos® can do for your business.

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Creative Sounds Bite

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