Creative Sounds has 10 specialized studios for the process: 9 Dubbing rooms and one Dolby Atmos® Home mixcinema. This mixcinema can also be used for 5.1 and 7.1 productions.

All rooms are equally equipped with the latest ProTools versions, Neumann microphones, Focusrite amps, Genelec monitoring and Apple computers.

Creative Sounds offers the best combination of hardware, software and outboard gear to obtain the most realistic and honest reflection of what needs to be registered.

For more information on our Dolby Atmos® studio, unique in the Benelux, click here.

Our studios are equipped with an Avid S6 controller, B&W CWM 8.3 monitoring, Screen Research projection and Datasat processing.

The attractively designed recording stages are 30 m² in size and identical when it comes to acoustics. Studio 10 is different: this studio is considerable larger and accommodates several people at once for recording purposes.

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Creative Sounds Bite

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