Dubbing from A to Z

Creative Sounds offers the complete range of services for translation and dubbing.

Dubbing & voice-over

Creative Sounds has access to the ideal voices for every conceivable project. We have a comprehensive database of voice actors, so we are guaranteed to have the perfect sound for your production.
We can also assist with German, Flemish and Scandinavian productions (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish). In addition, we have a large pool of producers and translators; each with their own area of expertise.
Our voices can be used for cartoons, films and series, live action films and series, documentaries, corporate films, games, virtual reality and radio and TV commercials, amongst others. For all age categories, too.


How do you find the most suitable voice for a production? What does it actually sound like? What emotion should it evoke? Our producers have a faultless ear for getting the perfect voice and achieve productions of the highest standard. Creative Sounds will find the voice you are looking for and we would be delighted to let you hear it first.


We translate productions according to the specifications relevant to that specific production: if it is a children’s series, we translate in a way that appeals to children; if it is a series for older children, the characters will speak in language that appeals to the audience; with a documentary, the translation will always be subject to additional checks in respect of correct terms, etc.
Every translator has his or her own specialty. We will always use the most suitable translator for the project.


At Creative Sounds, we get the job done. We mix productions in such a way that the post-production version is as close to the original as possible. 2.0, 2.1,  5.1, 7.1 or 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos. If additional sound effects are required, we will arrange them.

We also have the necessary video facilities for adjusting titles in videos, or removing or inserting scenes, amongst others.

You can come to us for cinema films, television films and series, documentaries, commercials, corporate films, or multimedia localization and games. Whether it involves cinema shows, broadcast, VOD, OTT, DVD or BluRay. Creative Sounds delivers!


We have 8 recording studios at our disposal. Specially designed and acoustically adapted. All studios have a neutral sound, so we can do everything necessary to place the voice in a suitable environment in the mixing phase. The studios are exceptionally comfortable, stylishly decorated, creatively stimulating, and all have natural daylight.